The tournament was held on the 9th of March and kicked off at 6pm and ended at 12:00am. It was won by the team from 701st(Riot Squad). They beat out the team that won the tourney last year by one point. Very exciting game, they came from behind to take the victory. Briggsauto.com was there to pass out awards and congratulate all the participants of the tournament.


This past weekend Briggs sponsored a shopping spree in Fort Riley for the Grand Opening of their new Commissary. SSG James and Amy Holland of Fort Riley had an exciting and profitable Sunday morning at the newly opened Fort Riley Commissary.  SSG Holland had registered and was at the commissary on Tuesday night when his name was drawn  for a “Shopping Spree”.

Briggs Auto.com had sponsored a “Shopping Spree” which was held on Sunday morning at 9:00am.  SSG Holland and Amy had 25 minutes to shop and fill the trunk of a Briggs Auto vehicle.  SSG Holland is a tanker from the 2nd BCT and is attached to the “WTB” as he awaits a medical decision. He serves as part of the cadre, also. Amy, his wife, works at the Warren Road CDC and they have two children Tyler 8 and Katelyn 6.  The children had gone to their grandparents for Spring Break and weren’t along to assist.  The Hollands’ have been at Fort Riley for 5 years and live on post.

It was an exciting time for all in attendance!!  Carts were tested to ensure there were no sticky wheels and then they were off.  They loaded the first cart with meats and packed them in the trunk.  The second cart centered on health and beauty items with Amy’s Tide and important part of the cart.  They packed the trunk and left for the third trip.  They checked for chicken and other items and then had to finish loading and arranging the trunk.  Amy proved to be a great packer.

The next step was to unload the trunk and run all the items through the register.  The commissary had a checker and baggers ready to assist.  This proved to be the largest purchase that has taken place at the commissary – $2,293.83!!  The checker questioned CSM(R) Richard Young, Briggs Military Affairs Director, if he had any coupons to add to the fun.  Amy noted she had always wanted to do something like this and they really had fun.

The final step was reloading all the groceries into the Holland’s car-they fit.  Thank  you, hugs, and handshakes followed a fun morning to conclude the grand opening of the new Fort Riley Commissary.

The trunk is ready to be packed!

Ready. Set. GO!!


Packing it full

The trunk is packed

Look at all those groceries! Congrats again Holland family!

Summer Reading Program

Briggs sponsored this years Summer Reading Program at the Fort Riley Post Library.

Congratulations to this years Summer Reading Program winners from the Briggs Auto Team!! (pictured below)

1-18 IN Vanguards Half Way Party.


For more photos visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/briggsftriley/sets/72157627200546116/

 The Spring Fling Softball Tournament was held on 7 May 2011 at Sacco Softball Complex. There were a total of 17 teams that signed up, 2 Civilian teams and 15 Active Duty teams. The tournament started at 10 am and ran through 10 pm. It was won by a civilian team, Grand Slam consisting of Manhattan players and 172nd Chem players, 2nd place went to Active Duty team 1-16 IN Rear D Iron Rangers, and 3rd place went to Active Duty team 41st ENG Big Dawgs.

For more photos of the tournament click the link below:


Briggs Auto Lane would like to congratulate SPC Vincent Valenzuela on volunteer of the year!!

To view more pictures of the year visit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/briggsftriley/sets/72157626429807083/

Briggs Auto Lane would like to congratulate the Nathan Vaughn 2011 Family of the year!!

Briggs Auto Lane would also like to congratulate the 2011 Youth Volunteer of the Year, Ricky Lewis.

Fort Riley’s Great Escapes Travel and Leisure Expo was held on April 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Riley’s Conference Center. With more than 50 vendors from surrounding communities and across the state, MWR was able to highlight attractions to visit for a short weekend or a long summer vacation.

For more photos click on the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rileymwr/sets/72157626359528621/